Develop Soft Skills with Real World Learning

Close skills gaps and drive soft skill development across your organisation with the only platform that provides real world learning opportunities that also benefit global causes

Develop your employees' vital soft skills with real world learning experiences

Learn by doing and reflecting with our curated real-world experiences that also benefit global causes

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Experiential Learning: The Soft Skills Training Revolution

Unlike other solutions, Ethical Angel uses experiential learning to develop skills. Why? Because experiential learning is the only way to provide real world learning experiences that replicate the situations employees will have to navigate at work.
Why is Experiential Learning so Effective?
Simple. It is the most natural way that we learn. Allowing employees to develop new skills or knowledge through doing, rather than reading, watching or listening. Which translates into better rates of engagement, higher retention of knowledge and increased transferability.

How Ethical Angel Works

Ethical Angel drives soft skills development in four key steps that make up the foundation of experiential learning

1. Self Assessment

Each one of your employees completes a detailed self assessment, tagging their professional skills, completing a personality profiler and rating their individual soft skills.

2. Identify Skill Gaps

After the assessment, Ethical Angel helps staff to understand where their skill gaps are, showing them which soft skills need to be improved based on their current levels and career goals.

3. Personalised Training

Ethical Angel provides each employee with personalised learning suggestions, matching them to learning projects that will develop the soft skills they need and close skills gaps.

4. 360 Review & Reflection

Quantitative and qualitative feedback from every experience is captured and shared to evidence development and offer individual reflection.
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Learning Experiences for Every Employee

Employees of today have a diverse range of needs across a multitude of departments and business units.

Ethical Angel has been built from the ground up to support and celebrate this uniqueness. So, whether you're looking to develop a specific employees soft skills, improve them across an entire team, or target groups such as new graduates or leaders of the future, we've got you covered.

That's not all though, if you need bespoke training plan for your team, our in-house specialists can support you to develop and deliver it.

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Learn with Purpose

At Ethical Angel, we put the purpose in learning.
Every learning experience your employees are matched with is a project that has been requested by a charity, social enterprises, not-for-profits or global causes. That means that not only are your employees learning, they're engaging with meaningful projects that have a global impact.

How have we made this possible? By translating the needs of global causes into learning projects that drive soft skill development. We think it's pretty special, and we believe your employees will too.
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Reporting that Works

Easily track skills development across your entire business with Ethical Angel's easy to use reporting features that show improvements at a business, team and individual level.

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