Identifying the key skills for the workforce of the future

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As we emerge from a period of unanticipated disruption within the world of work, one thing is rapidly becoming clear - whatever patterns of work we adopt moving forward, we will not be returning the status quo that we left at the start of 2020.

With increasing numbers of task and function based roles being taken over by technology, it is crucial that we prepare people with skills that are relevant and adaptable to a fast evolving environment.

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The trends and shifts that we are experiencing have been on the cards for some time, but in many respects we have accelerated our progress into the future world of work.

Underlying trends which have been relevant for some time - flexible working environments and practices, the globalisation of businesses of all sizes, use of increasingly sophisticated technology and the balance of profit and purpose - have rapidly become the cornerstones around which our organisations and teams are built.

In this white paper, we discuss the key skills that organisations must look to develop going forward, and how they will support businesses to build highly efficient cross-functional teams.

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