Experiential Learning

Learn by doing and reflecting with our curated real-world experiences that also benefit global causes

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Experiential Learning

Learn by doing and reflecting with our curated real-world experiences that also benefit global causes

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How It Works

Four steps for users to benefit from experiential learning on Ethical Angel


Users complete their profile, tagging their professional skills, completing a personality type profiler and recording how they feel about their power skills


Having completed their profiles users can then see which power skills they need to level up - based on their own aspirations or corporate goals


Ethical Angel’s technology matches the user with the real-world projects that users can experience to build their skills


Quantitative and qualitative feedback from every experience is captured and shared to evidence development
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Why ExL?

Experiential learning is, in essence, the process of developing new skills or knowledge through doing, rather than reading, watching or listening. It is the most natural and effective way that we learn. As such, experiential learning has much better rates of engagement, long-term retention and transferability than other methods of learning. Experiential learning lends itself to richer skill development, by allowing opportunities for:
  • Experimenting and gaining tangible evidence of skills in action
  • Connected up learning to previous understanding and self-reflection
  • A chance to have real world impact during the learning process itself, which is hugely motivational
  • Individuals to take responsibility for their own learning, and to gain a richer understanding as a result
  • Building confidence that skills learnt can be applied to a variety of contexts
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Why Power Skills?

No longer seen as an add-on or a “nice to have”, power skills are being seen as increasingly important for an adaptable and agile workforce. Whereas historically “soft” skills may have taken a back seat to academic, vocational or technical skills, it is now recognised that these skills are the key differentiating factors of the most effective teams and their members. In a world where technology is increasingly capable, the skills we most need from employees are power skills, which relate to mindset, creativity, leadership and self management. Organisations that take power skills development seriously are rewarded with better employee engagement, a greater capacity for innovation at all levels of the organisation and the ability to tackle business transformation with agility and velocity.

Through our user self assessment, you will know how your people feel about their skills and what gaps need to be made up.

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Skill Targeting

Every project on Ethical Angel - requested by one of our global causes - represents an opportunity to develop one or more of the key power skills. As a business, you can bring whatever in-house terminology you use for these skills, so that your people understand how each project links up to their personal development targets. 

This means users, team leaders and admins can effortlessly match corporate learning needs with the most appropriate hands-on experiences on our platform

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ExL Reporting

With the experiential learning package, organisations have access to a wealth of reporting data, allowing you to track skill development across the entire user base. You can also see feedback from the cause, which is great for evidencing individual development, and both quantitative and qualitative comments from your employees about their engagement with the projects.

All data can be exported in CSV format so you can use these in other applications.

What Are Your Options?
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Barclays - Case Study


We are proud to be working with Barclays since 2019 to ensure their people have the opportunity to engage digitally and make a difference. 


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