Experiential Learning

Learn by doing and reflecting with our curated real-world experiences

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Experiential Learning

Learn by doing and reflecting with our curated real-world experiences

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Scalable ExL

Ethical Angel curates the needs of global causes as valuable Experiential Learning "ExL" for skill development.

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Our application maps the personality type, demographic, skills and interests of your people and teams to match them with carefully curated content. This ensures expectations are met from the outset and all users have a good experience as they engage.


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Skill Gaps


Skills are tracked live for every user and changed on the back of completing experiences. Enabling organisations to track skill gaps and developments across users and teams.


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Skill Targeting


Every project has specific hard and soft skills aligned to it. This means team leaders can assign, and users can explore, projects that enable them to target and develop key skills.


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ExL Reporting


With the experiential learning, package organisations can track skill development across their entire user base, collectively and individually. All data can be exported for use in other applications. 


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Talent Management in a Post Pandemic World - Cover
Free white paper on talent development post-pandemic
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Barclays - Case Study


We are proud to be working with Barclays since 2019 to ensure their people have the opportunity to engage digitally and make a difference. 


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