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Alvin's Podcast: Richard Beesley the Founder of Juvenile Arthritis Research

In this Podcast, Alvin chats with Richard Beesley the Founder of Juvenile Arthritis Research about the work that...

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An Interview With Our Head of Causes, Natu Hadish

We've been speaking with our Natu, our Head of Causes, to find out how he first got involved with the third sector,...

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Oh Why is Ethical Angel Pivoting to Experiential Learning!?

I founded Ethical Angel in 2018 to digitise volunteering.

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Alvin's Podcast: Rachel Butt, Director of Education Saves Lives

On this podcast I talk to Rachel Butt the Director at Education Saves Lives about the power of using simple...

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Alvin's Podcast: Karl Wilding, previously CEO of the NCVO and now a Strategic Adviser at Bury Green Partners

In this Podcast, Alvin Speaks to Karl Wilding about the world of volunteering, how volunteering has evolved over the...

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Alvin's Podcast: Dr Evans of Elephants for Africa

In this week's podcast Alvin interviews Dr. Kate Evans, the Founder and CEO of Elephants for Africa.

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Announcing the Community Investment Award

At Ethical Angel, we’re always looking for new ways to celebrate community investment that businesses and their...

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Alvin's podcast: Stuart Phelps, Chairman at Baggator a cause benefiting from Ethical Angel

"I do deal with quite extensive corporate stuff and I've got a very good idea of how much i'd be paying, if I was...

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Alvin's Podcast - Interviewing Kenneth Muhangi, Consultant for The World Bank and Lawyer

In this podcast, Alvin interviews Kenneth Muhangi a lawyer specialising in intellectual property, technology, media,...

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Experiential Learning Update from Alex Fahie, CEO at Ethical Angel

I think we may have changed talent development forever...

Since Ethical Angel's inception in 2018, we have been...

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