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You're a charity or a cause

Will it help you?

Ethical Angel was launched in 2018, to match the resources of businesses with the needs of charities in a virtual marketplace. Since then we have matched thousands of charities and causes, operating in over 23 countries with what they need, saving them hundreds of pounds and tons of time.  It works like this:
  • Charities, social enterprises, NGOS and impact entrepreneurs, or causes as we call them 'create an account' where they can describe their organisation, upload some beautiful images and submit. For free.
  • Once your profile is ready, you can invite other members of your charity team to join and each of you are able to choose as many of the projects you need. For free.

Where does the support come from?

Our subscribers

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40+ businesses and thousands of their employees are actively using Ethical Angel.

Where does the support go?

Our cause community

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3000+ charities, social enterprises, NGOs and impact entrepreneurs with beneficiaires around the world.

How much money have charities saved?

Case Studies

Project: 'Google Adwords'

Saved £500.00


"Easy to deal with and have had a successful experience using one of their Ethical Angels. A great way for a small charity to access volunteer expertise."

Project: 'Instagram Tutorial'

Saved £52.50


"I found the website easy to navigate and I'll be using them again in the future & would thoroughly recommend them to other charities."

Project: 'Salesforce Optimisation'

Saved £249.00


"Ethical Angel is a very effective organisation for charities to find volunteers for specific projects. We will definitely use Ethical Angel again for future projects."

We are here to help

How we do that

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Hundreds of projects for you to explore and order.

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No Cost

As a cause, you will never pay anything to use Ethical Angel.


Easy to enable your team to discover and order projects.

Safe & Confidential

ISO 27001 pending, to ensure safety for users.

Project Management

You're in control

When you order a Project it is then matched with our Angels who are looking for experiences that matter to them. Interested Angels will apply and you can see their experiences and ratings.

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What others are saying

Ethical Angel offers the prospect of matching expertise with a host of challenges, large and small, which charities like the NSPCC welcome specific assistance with. CEO, NSPCC
Catch22 has been interested in Ethical Angel since their concept stage and have actively worked with them in their development. As a social business, we love how the platform provides a valuable resource to charities and businesses alike.  CEO, Catch22
We have had a fantastic experience using Ethical Angel. We have had plenty of uptake from volunteers who are driven and passionate about what we do. CEO, Food For All
Ethical Angel - Virtual Marketplace for Causes

Easy, Personalisable and Controllable

It's EPiC!

To get started and start benefiting you need to create  a 'cause account' which will then be submitted to Ethical Angel for review. Once approved, you can invite the rest of your colleagues on and start ordering what you need.