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The average net promoter score across our employee users is +93.

See how global companies like Barclays and bp are increasing staff retention, talent development and employee engagement using Ethical Angel.

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What is Ethical Angel?


We are an online marketplace, where on the one hand we provide education and free project delivery to global causes, and on the other, a match-making environment for employees and students to find and engage with valuable experiences. Every experience benefits people, planet and profit. 



How are we different?


Our technology is designed around our users, we want to ensure that whoever engages with Ethical Angel and for whatever reason, that they have a great, personalised and safe experience. We do this by profiling every user (their personality type, skills, interests and objectives) and then using this data to ensure the right experiences are available. 



What is in it for you?


As a plug and play solution you can be confident that your people objectives will be met, plus a whole range of other value additions. Like, increased Net-Promoter Scores (our average for employees is +93!), workforce insight, employee collaboration and engagement and many more... all automatically captured in our reporting.

















Our plans

Impact experiences on Ethical Angel

Real-World Experiences

For Impact


Are you looking to provide your people with remote volunteering that is easy to set up, reliable and offers total personalisation? 


Growth Experiences on Ethical Angel

Real-World Experiences

For Growth


Is your objective to provide individuals and teams in your organisation with experiential learning for targeted skills?


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Ethical Angel is proud to be a certified bcorp, and part of a community of leaders, driving a global movement of people using businesses as a force for good. Learn more about bcorps here.


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What subscribers are saying

A great way to reflect on what I had achieved. I definitely recommend working with Ethical Angel. Employee, Barclays
I think Ethical Angel’s a fantastic and deeply constructive platform. It’s allowed me to engage with and assist charities that I’d never have found, and who wouldn’t have found me. Director, THIS
Not only have these opportunities been a great boost to my CV but also to my confidence & enjoyment of working on projects with a value-focused vision towards sustainable development. Employee, OFX