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Ethical Angel is the UK market leader for employee supported virtual volunteering and experiential learning, where do you want to start?

Looking for Pro Bono support?

Charities, social enterprises, NGOs, impact-startups and non-profits. If you are a purpose driven organisation you can apply for membership today and receive support on a variety of areas for free.

Skilled, Personal and Available to Everyone

What makes Ethical Angel so special.


Award Winning

Recognised by Media and Government.



Personalised and rewarding for 100 -100,000 users.


Rich Reporting

Live and granular to show you the benefits


Safe & Secure

ISO 27001 certified to protect you and your people.

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We average a Net-Promoter Score of +76 across users


From the day we started, all we have focussed on is building a engaging, encouraging and exciting environment that makes it easy for users to do something valuable. 

  • Ethical Angel creates and curates all the content - ensuring reliably amazing experiences for your people.
  • From personality type to skill sets - every user receives a personal and rewarding experience
  • As a ISO27001 certified solution - you can be assured that your people will have a safe and secure experience

What Does Ethical Angel Offer Businesses?

Our solution consistently scores highly with employee users - both for our virtual volunteering and experiential learning plan. Learn more about each of our plans:

Causes love Ethical Angel

We have thousands of beneficiaries in over 52 countries


Charities, startups, NGOs and social enterprises are all welcome to register for membership with Ethical Angel. It is your marketplace to learn and order the projects you need from our global community of experts. 

  • Totally free for causes to use - just get register and we will let you know when your account is approved.
  • We are constantly updating our project types - so keep checking our Masterclass Zone to find projects that might help your cause.
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Are You A Cause?

Charities, social enterprises, NGOs, impact-startups and non-profits. If you are a purpose driven organisation you can apply for membership today and receive support on a variety of areas for free.

Ethical Angel Blog

We love to share our thoughts and those of our community, from podcasts to interviews, announcements to reflections. They are all here:

Alvin's Podcast: Karl Wilding, previously CEO of the NCVO and now a ...

Alvin Muhwezi -  
18 June 2021
In this Podcast, Alvin Speaks to Karl Wilding about the world of volunteering, how volunteering has evolved over the years, what impact it is having on the world today, and how ...

Alvin's Podcast: Dr Evans of Elephants for Africa

Alvin Muhwezi -  
10 June 2021
In this week's podcast Alvin interviews Dr. Kate Evans, the Founder and CEO of Elephants for Africa. Elephants for Africa is a charity that is committed to protecting the ...

Announcing the Community Investment Award

Ethical Angel -  
3 June 2021
At Ethical Angel, we’re always looking for new ways to celebrate community investment that businesses and their employees are engaging with to support nonprofits. That’s why we’re ...

Alvin's podcast: Stuart Phelps, Chairman at Baggator a cause ...

Alvin Muhwezi -  
2 June 2021
"I do deal with quite extensive corporate stuff and I've got a very good idea of how much i'd be paying, if I was paying for this... it is more than it costs us to rent the ...

Alvin's Podcast - Interviewing Kenneth Muhangi, Consultant for The ...

Alvin Muhwezi -  
31 May 2021
In this podcast, Alvin interviews Kenneth Muhangi a lawyer specialising in intellectual property, technology, media, telecommunications and dispute resolution. Kenneth also ...
business Learning

Experiential Learning Update from Alex Fahie, CEO at Ethical Angel

Alex Fahie -  
27 May 2021
I think we may have changed talent development forever... Since Ethical Angel's inception in 2018, we have been working with businesses to offer their members, clients and alumni ...

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