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Ethical Angel is a unique marketplace for digital volunteering and experiential learning.

Digital Volunteering and Talent Development
All of the tips you need to get the most out of digital volunteering for your organisation.

Scalable, Secure and Sustainable

What makes Ethical Angel so special.


Award Winning

Recognised by Media and Government.



Personalised and rewarding for 100 -100,000 users.


Rich Reporting

Live and granular to show you benefit to people, planet and profit


Safe & Secure

ISO 27001 certified to protect you and your people.

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Employees love Ethical Angel

We average a Net-Promoter Score of +93 across users


From the day we started, all we have focussed on is building a engaging, encouraging and exciting environment that makes it easy for users to do something. 

  • Ethical Angel creates and curates all the content - ensuring reliably amazing experiences for your people.
  • From personality type to skill sets - every user receives a personal and rewarding experience.
  • As a ISO27001 certified solution - you can be assured that your people will have a safe and secure experience.
Learn More About Ethical Angel Products
Beyond our award-winning digital volunteering application, we also offer an experiential learning package.

Causes love Ethical Angel

We have thousands of users in over 52 countries


Charities, startups, NGOs and social enterprises are all welcome to register for membership with Ethical Angel. It is your marketplace to learn and order the projects you need from our global community of experts. 

  • Totally free for causes to use - just get register and we will let you know when your account is approved.
  • We are constantly updating our project types - so keep checking our Masterclass Zone to find projects that might help your cause.

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Project Categories

Check out the project types you can order through Ethical Angel, or learn from the experts in our Masterclass Zone.

Masterclass Zone

Click on a course to watch Masterclasses.



Getting Started

You have just started your cause, what are the basics that you need to consider?

Masterclass Zone

Finding Fans

We know your cause is amazing, but how can you share your mission with others?

Masterclass Zone

Spreading The Word

What is the best way to share your idea and news with the global community?

Masterclass Zone


You have made an incredible start and now your cause is embarking on the next stage.

Masterclass Zone

Network Building

An effective network is a valuable asset for any cause. Learn more here.

Masterclass Zone

Practices and Policies

A critical operational element of any organisation is its policies and practices.

Masterclass Zone

PR and Comms

Optimise your PR and comms with these expert masterclasses.

Masterclass Zone
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Develop Your Team

What should you consider when growing your team?

Masterclass Zone

Organisational Growth

What might help you grow your cause?

Masterclass Zone

Ethical Angel Blog

We love to share our thoughts and those of our community, from podcasts to interviews, announcements to reflections. They are all here:

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The Changing World Of Talent Management

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Cause Spotlight: Join Survival International’s run for a better world!

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10 March 2021
  At Ethical Angel, helping the world's global causes is at the heart of what we do. From supporting with marketing and operational strategy to fundraising plans and volunteer ...

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